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Regular cleaning of Solar Panels is an essential task for ensuring they are operating at, or near peak efficiency. It is recommended that in order to maintain a high level of efficiency photovoltaic arrays should be cleaned at least once a year, however considering the potential cost from damaging solar panels this is a task best left to the professionals.

We provide a range of services relating to solar panel cleaning:

  • Utility level solar farms
  • Community installations
  • Commercial roof mounted installations of all sizes
  • Residential solar installations
  • Large solar farms on private land

Increase the efficiency of your solar array by up to 25% by getting in touch with CIE and letting us take care of everything. Our operatives are available to be dispatched to your location for risk assessment and analysis, where we are then able to provide a free, no-obligation risk analysis.

The importance of solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are a green and increasingly more popular source of sustainable energy. However whether they are small scale residential, midsize commercial installations, or utility-scale installations all solar panel arrays require regular cleaning in order to operate at all full efficiency.

Installations must be exposed to the elements in order to operate, and are therefore susceptible to the weather and mother nature. Watermarks, dirt, dust, airborne particulates, bird droppings, and all types of mess which obscure your panels surface will effect their efficiency and energy output, so it is crucial to ensure they are maintained. Studies suggest the magnitude of this impact for panels not cleaned each year is up to a 25% drop in peak output.

The benefits of contracting CIE for your solar panel cleaning include.

  • Fully insured and trained professionals
  • Purified water cleaning
  • Hand Cleaning
  • Access to rooftop installations
  • Solar Panel Inspections
  • Automated mechanised cleaning
  • Solar Panel Overnight Cleaning Service for no loss of output
  • Specialist solar panel cleaning tools and materials
  • Our own access equipment
  • Multiple offices at locations across Europe and the United Kingdom

Cleaning your solar panels may seem like a simple task but use of harsh chemicals or sharp equipment could be catastrophic to the condition of your array, and why it is important to entrust this essential task to the experts.


CIE are expert providers of tailored photovoltaic array cleaning services. We create a bespoke programme that meets your requirements and sits comfortably within your budget. Our experience tells us that for large, utility-scale arrays monthly or even weekly cleaning pays productivity dividends that outweigh cleaning costs. No matter your situation we adapt a photovoltaic panel cleaning service to suit.

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