CIE Green Cleaning Services

Finding complete service cleaning providers that deliver exceptional results while keeping a focus on green methods and environmentally friendly products is no easy task, but look no further as Cleaners In Europe is here to help.

We provide green cleaning to all types of premises and in all areas of industry including:

  • Factories and industrial facilities
  • Warehouses and distribution centres
  • Hotels, bars, and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment blocks and residences
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Medical and Healthcare facilities

We offer an array of services that deliver exceptionally high standards which use sustainable materials and recycle-able containers and never harsh or environmentally damaging chemicals. We offer these services both individually and as part of a janitorial or commercial contract cleaning programme that works to promote a healthier environment everywhere we work.

Green Cleaning Services

We have introduced green commercial cleaning procedures in 3 main areas, incorporating various strategies to deliver greener programmes.


Our use of green products is an integral part of our strategy in delivering green cleaning services.

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable products that are certified to be as effective as conventional products
  • Use of low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) products
  • Colour coded microfibre cleaning cloths to avoid cross-contamination
  • Organised dilution control systems to minimise the amount of waste flushed away
  • Recyclable paper products for toilets and kitchens


Overuse of plastics and in particular one time use or disposable plastic products has caused significant harm to the environment which is why:

  • Avoid single-use plastic products like ready to use trigger sprays
  • Bulk buying cleaning products in soluble tablet form for dilution and distribution in reusable spray bottles
  • We forward your business refuse for recycling wherever possible
  • 100% post-consumer recycled janitorial utility and mop buckets


Where it is appropriate we use technology to minimise the use of chemicals:

  • Using Ultraviolet (UV) light for sanitising and disinfecting. UV light is chemical-free and odourless and sanitises against viruses, bacteria, mould, and dust mites.
  • Chemical-free hot water steam cleaners for carpets, upholstery, and soft furnishings
  • Use of 4-stage HEPA filter vacuums.
  • Mist and fog deep cleaning techniques.

Why CIE Green Cleaning

With our expertise and experience we guarantee that with CIE green cleaning services we are able to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene that you could expect from the use of conventional products. We use high quality products and technologies to ensure we never compromise on results while always being environmentally conscious.

  • The Benefits of Green Cleaning Adoption
  • Boosts employee Health and Safety and reduces absence due to sickness
  • Corporate Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Corporate Responsibility – responsible business practices
  • Preparing for carbon footprint reporting
  • Demonstrating a desire to help the environment and concern for the world in which you do business

To enquire about our green cleaning services that reduce the health risks and environmental damage associated with traditional cleaning products and systems, contact CIE for a workplace assessment where we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Specialist Cleaning Methods

We offer additional specialist services to deliver exceptional hygiene and cleanliness to your facility, each with their own benefits and situations in which they are suitable.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Electrostatic Spray cleaning is effective for rapid disinfection of large spaces, hard to reach areas, and awkward or time consuming places to clean such as exercise equipment.

Electrostatic spraying electrostatically charges the cleaning liquid droplets so that they coat what they come into contact with, to provide long-lasting cleaning and sanitation.

UV Light Cleaning Systems

UV Light saturation cleaning systems are commonplace in health and medical industries because they are extremely effective, particularly on hard to reach areas, and on sensitive electrical devices. These characteristics also make them particular useful within gyms and sports facilities to achieve results not possible through conventional methods.

Low Moisture Steam Cleaning

Low moisture steam cleaning methods are efficient and versatile, and extremely convenient for use on areas that may be damaged by the use of harsh chemicals or in environments where they aren’t suitable. Steam cleaning simply uses super-heated water to disinfect large spaces and the hard to reach areas you often find in gyms and sports centres.

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