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CIE Contract Cleaning for Medical and Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare Cleaning Services in Europe and the UK

If you consider that medical and healthcare cleaning, disinfection, and sanitising is as important to the health of your service users as the care provided by your doctors and nurses, you are already well on the way to choosing the best medical and healthcare cleaning services.

Finding the right company with the experience, equipment, and resources to clean your medical facilities and observe the industry standards is difficult. And yet inadequate cleaning has the potential to put staff and patients at risk. Something that should be avoided at all costs in a health setting.

CIE Medical Cleaning in Europe and the UK

CIE provide regular as well as responsive medical cleaning services for a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment for your patients, visitors, and employees. For medical and healthcare establishments we use best in class, and environmentally safe germicides and disinfectants and the very latest in cleaning technology.

CIE medical cleaning services in Europe help you demonstrate that you care about the cleanliness and hygiene of your medical facility and that you pay attention to creating a pristine and inviting atmosphere for your patients. This is good for your brand and makes sure that your patients will choose to come back to you for their future healthcare needs.

The last thing you need in a medical environment is for bacteria and viruses to be left unchecked. Our healthcare janitorial services focus in on infection control and spread prevention. We reduce the risk by adhering to EU procedure guidelines and best practices.

Our clients understand that environmental hygiene in healthcare is not an area from which to cut costs, but one that can add value. An integrated and holistic hygiene maintenance program with the right products, procedures and equipment is key to creating a safer and more inviting patient health care facility.

Our Medical and Healthcare Cleaning Teams

Medical cleaning requires different and more specialised techniques and procedures than most other forms of cleaning. You need a medical office cleaning company with expert teams of cleaners who have received medical awareness training that focuses on keeping everyone safe when working around sharps and blood-borne pathogens.

We understand that medical office cleaning services are more intense than conventional cleaning services and we provide highly trained professional cleaning teams that can do the job as you would expect it to be done.

Our cleaning teams go through a thorough recruitment and vetting procedure. They receive the training and the supervisory support you would expect from personnel working to exacting standards in a particularly complex area of cleaning. Our cleaners receive training on:

Our Client Centred Healthcare Cleaning Services

Here at CIE, we offer the complete medical cleaning services package. Our medical and healthcare cleaning experts can undertake a cleaning audit and assessment and work with you and design a cleaning plan and schedule that keeps your medical offices and facilities in pristine condition.

We work around the schedules and timetables of your facility. We can prepare a cleaning plan and a schedule that includes daytime, night time and weekend cleaning rosters to meet the needs of your establishment. We provide a menu of services and work with you to make sure only the services you need.

We also offer one-off or periodic deep cleaning, decluttering, and disinfecting services either as an emergency response or to back up your in-house cleaning services.

Our medical cleaning services include:

What is Electrostatic Disinfection Fogging?

This is a technique based on technology that roots out the viral and bacterial germs that if not tended to properly, can contaminate surfaces for days. We make it our business to minimise the risk of infection from even the smallest and hardest to penetrate surfaces.

electrostatic fog cleaning

An electrostatic fogging machine emits a positively charged mist that sticks to neutral and negative surfaces like a magnet. The mist is so fine that we achieve 100% surface coverage. The formula uses PH-neutral chemicals that are left as opposed to wiped off. They sit on the surface and neutralise germs. With such a fine spread, evaporation takes around 10 minutes before surfaces are dry and completely sanitised.

Benefits of CIE Medical and Health Cleaning Services

Expert Specialised Healthcare Cleaning

Contract with us for your medical cleaning services and you engage with experts who understand the dangers of contamination by bacteria and viruses. Our healthcare janitorial services are built around infection control, prevention, and risk reduction. We use environmentally friendly products and procedures. Our expert staff uses best practices and regulatory compliance to provide the ultimate cleaning service for your facility.

Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

We understand that our reputation means everything. We go the extra mile to make sure that we are in constant communication through verbal and written reporting. You will always know what we are doing, when and why.

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