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Commercial cleaners in Spain. Whether you need office cleaning services in Madrid, factory or warehouse cleaning in Bilbao, or apartment block cleaning in Barcelona, or pool cleaning in the Costa Del Sol, CIE is the number one choice for exceptional commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Spain.

Whatever the size or complexity of the cleaning task, at CIE we have the resources and the skilled teams to tackle it.

Our fully customisable contract cleaning services in Spain make sure your business premises are kept consistently clean and hygienic regardless of the shape, size, or nature of your business.

If you are coming to the decision that calling in the professionals might be the best way forward, here at CIE we provide the complete range of commercial contract cleaning services. Let us take all of that pressure away and design a dedicated cleaning plan to suit your specific needs.

Why Employ Professional Cleaning in Spain?

Everybody understands that dirt and grime are something that nobody wants to see. Holiday guests coming to Spain want to stay in apartment blocks with spotless communal areas.

Workers are not only much safer but also much more productive in a clean and hygienic workplace, and consumers will turn their backs on a dirty shop or restaurant and move on to somewhere cleaner.

Some of our clients have had their fingers burnt by unreliable cleaning companies and poor standards of work. Rest assured that at CIE we do the job right the first time every time. We understand that if we compromise on high standards it hurts our business and costs valuable time and money.

Flexible and Tailored Contract Cleaning Services

Our flexible commercial contract cleaning options mean that we can tailor a bespoke cleaning service to meet your needs. Pick only the options you need and discard those you do not. This is how we reduce the cost of your cleaning and at the same time improve the standards and the efficiency of the service you get

Read more about some of the cleaning and janitorial services in Spain further down this page. If you need to discuss your contract cleaning options with an expert we invite you to get things moving by clicking the Request A Quote button below. Initial discussions and a quote for our services will cost you nothing but could save you a lot.

Our cleaning teams are carefully recruited, background-checked, highly trained, and supplied with the very best products and technology available

Read More About Some of Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Europe

Contract Cleaning Services in Spain

Apartment Block Cleaning in Spain

Keeping holiday guests and residents clean and safe in apartment blocks is an important job. Our daily cleaning services help preserve your reputation and keep your guests coming back time after time.

We offer cleaning and polishing of communal areas, internal and external window cleaning, pool care, litter picking, and even light maintenance.

We work with block managers to provide honest, reliable, and professional cleaners. Our staff are background checked and directly managed by a cleaning supervisor who then becomes your point of contact. Our managers also carry out regular quality assurance checks.

CIE – cleaning up the Costa Del Sol

Hospitality Cleaning Services in Spain
restaurant kitchen cleaning

If you need cleaning teams for your bar, restaurant, or hotel anywhere in Spain, then you should consider contacting CIE professional cleaning services. Whether you need occasional deep cleaning for a kitchen, daily cleaners for general duties, or heavy-duty cleaning after a renovation project, we are here to help.

We use cleaning methods and chemicals that are safer for the environment and yet just as effective.

Our fully customisable cleaning plans provide cost-effective restaurant, bar, nightclub, and hotel cleaning in Spain no matter the size of your business or the budget you have available.

CIE is first for hotel and restaurant cleaning in Southern Spain

Factory Cleaning Services in Spain

CIE can provide professional and reliable cleaning teams to keep your factory clean, tidy, and free from hazards.

We employ, train, and supervise our own workforce of exceptional cleaners for factories and industrial premises anywhere in Spain.

Industrial floor cleaning, high-reach cleaning for lights and ductwork and deep cleaning to keep bacterial and viral infections at bay are all part of the service.

Our cleaners can take care of your factory, your staff restrooms, your toilets, and your offices. Factory cleaning for food production, chemicals, and heavy metals not a problem. We have the very latest in cleaning products and technology ready to go to work in your factory

How CIE Commercial Cleaning Services in Spain Can Benefit Your Business

  • Save on Costs: Businesses face the stress and worry of staying on top of their cleaning every day. Running your own in-house cleaning team is expensive and time-consuming. Constant recruitment and training, reliability issues, and regulatory compliance pile on the pressure. Handing the responsibility for keeping your premises immaculately clean to a commercial cleaning contractor can actually save on cleaning costs. Many of our clients have reduced costs by up to 25% simply by calling in the experts at CIE. Added to that, a dramatic reduction in absence due to illness will also improve your business bottom lines and have a positive affect on overall productivity.
  • Free up your resources: If running your own cleaning operation has been gobbling up your time, money and energy you might appreciate how much of your load can be lifted when you call in the professionals. We can normally clean your premises to the highest standards faster and cheaper than you can do them yourself. You save money and at the same time have extra resources you can direct to other areas of your business
restaurant cleaning
Office Janitorial Cleaning in Spain

Our office cleaning services make sure that your offices are spotless, hygienic and productive working environments

Factory Cleaning in Spain

We provide specialist factory cleaning for food production facilities, chemical plants and all other types of factory professionally cleaned

Warehouse Cleaning in Spain

Keep your warehouse, clean, tidy and safe with our professional warehouse cleaning services, Flexible schedules to suit yoiur business

Apartment Block Cleaning

Cleaning services for apartments. Sensitive to your cleaning requirements without disturbing your residents. High-rise a specialty

CIE Industrial Cleaning in Spain

Our Services

Our industrial cleaning services in Spain work across all sectors. Whatever the size or complexity of the cleaning task, we have the resources and the skilled teams to tackle it.

CIE Customer-Focused Contract Cleaning Spain

CIE is a full-service cleaning contractor offering a complete range of cleaning and janitorial services in coastal resorts and towns and cities across Spain. We have experienced and trained workers available to start work taking care of your cleaning requirements. We supply our workforce with first-rate cleaning products and equipment to take on any cleaning task large or small.

Whether you need intense daily cleaning, weekly deep cleaning, a constant janitorial presence within your premises, or even a single emergency cleaning response after an accident or an adverse weather event please feel free to get in touch.

Contact CIE for Commercial Contract Cleaning in Spain

If you would like a free consultation with our cleaning experts please feel free to get in touch and let us know about any special cleaning or janitorial services you may need. We’ll be happy to come on board and work with you to provide the perfect cleaning solutions. Come and join our ever-expanding group of customers that use CIE contract cleaning services in Spain