Green Cleaning – Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

CIE Green Cleaning Services

Here at CIE, we offer environmentally friendly green cleaning alternatives as well as incorporate a green cleaning ethos into our commercial contract cleaning and janitorial services. Our green cleaning services help businesses meet environmental standards and carbon footprint targets set by the government as well as promote a healthier working environment.

Wherever you are in the UK or across Europe, contact CIE if you need cleaning services that are kind to the environment and yet achieve exceptionally high standards. We provide green cleaning in factories and warehouses, environmentally friendly cleaning in hotels, bars and restaurants and green janitorial services in office buildings and apartment blocks.

Is Green Cleaning Important?

We hear a lot about green cleaning lately and with good reason. The green movement that promotes environmental awareness and environmentally friendly business practices has gained a lot of traction. The public is becoming generally aware that a different approach is needed to protect the natural world from further damage

With governments and local authorities around the world introducing legislation, green cleaning has become more than just a choice that responsible businesses make. It is now a legal obligation. And as the poor state of our natural world becomes clearer, green cleaning is the standard request we receive from many of our responsible commercial cleaning customers.

Here at CIE we have absorbed green cleaning into the core of our business practice and the janitorial services we offer. EU regulations require the use of cleaning products environmentally certified by the EU Ecolabel or another EN ISO 14024 type I ecolabel. 

We try wherever possible to go a step further than what is required by the regulations and in most cases, our green cleaning service is provided at no extra cost. Green cleaning protects our workers from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

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Why Green Cleaning?

As well as harsh cleaning chemicals eventually ending up in and polluting our waterways, rivers, and oceans, they are a major contributor to indoor air quality issues in closed environments; Many commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can give rise to respiratory problems, eye and skin irritations, headaches, and other symptoms for people working in an enclosed indoor space. Harmful toxins can be breathed in and absorbed through the skin.

Green cleaning is much healthier for your workforce, your clients and your visitors. Introduce green cleaning into your workplace and the level of sickness absence will certainly decrease

How Does CIE Implement Green Cleaning?

We have introduced green commercial cleaning procedures in 3 main areas:

Use of Products

Use of Plastics

Use of Green Cleaning Technology 

Where it is appropriate we use technology to minimise the use of chemicals:

Greener Cleaning with the Same High Standards

If you are thinking environmentally friendly cleaning means lower standards of sanitation and cleanliness you couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of the greener commercial cleaning methods listed above actually produce higher standards of cleanliness. For example, a UV cleaning wand will root out bacteria lodged between the keys on your keyboard without ever needing to physically touch it.

Extra HEPA vacuuming filtration reduces the levels of harmful breathable particles in the air The Microfilters have a 99.99% efficiency rating when it comes to dealing with pollen, dust, mould and the majority of bacteria particles right down to down to 0.1 microns.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning Adoption

Book a Free Green Cleaning Workplace Assessment

If you are interested in reducing the health risks and environmental damage associated with traditional cleaning products and systems, contact CIE for a workplace assessment. We will form an understanding of your commercial cleaning needs and provide you with a green cleaning plan and quote for our environmentally friendly cleaning services.

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