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CIE Contract Cleaning for Offices

If yours is one of the companies looking for cleaning contractors because you have been let down or simply because you have decided to hand your business office cleaning duties over to the experts, our contract cleaning for offices service is just what you need.

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CIE provides industrial and commercial contract cleaning for offices throughout the UK and right across Europe. Working from local offices around Europe, we are a leading international commercial cleaning contractor with reliable and skilled cleaning teams, the technology and the uncompromising levels of customer service you would expect.

We offer office cleaning contracts for small businesses with a single site, right through to contract office cleaning for multi-national corporations with multiple sites.

CIE Office Cleaning Services

Our office cleaning services are totally flexible and customer-led. You can choose what you would like us to do and when you would like us to do it. Our daily office cleaning services can be scheduled to a time that best suits you. We can supply cleaning teams to work overnight or during the day. If you need a continuous on-site cleaning presence we have highly trained cleaning superintendents ready to come and take over responsibility for keeping your building clean. No business is too large or too small for our office cleaning and sanitising services.

Benefits of our Contract Cleaning For Offices Service:

Contract cleaning for offices safety first

Cleaning and disinfecting rest rooms and toilet facilities

Whether you need daily deep cleaning, a more regular, or even a constant janitorial service for these sensitive areas, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We make sure that your facilities are sparkling and hygienic, smell great and are constantly restocked with the needed products.

Glass surfaces and windows

If there is one thing that needs regular cleaning it is glass. Office partitions, glass doors and windows quickly become smeary and covered with fingerprints. We use proprietary glass cleaning technology to quickly restore your glass back to its original bright condition.

Covid safe cleaning and disinfection

If you have an outbreak of an infectious disease like Covid 19 in your offices you will most likely need to close them down. CIE can get your offices fully disinfected sanitised, and back open for business quickly and safely.

Read more about our Covid safe deep cleaning here

Outside glass cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of your office building.

We provide a range of cleaning services for the outside areas of your office building. We work with building managers, companies and tenants to make the approaches to your offices impressively clean. Our services include.

Dusting and polishing desks and office furniture

Keeping your offices free of dust and contaminants creates a healthy and more productive work environment. It helps prevent airborne particles and dust from causing health issues and damaging sensitive equipment

Our cleaning teams can keep you carpets and upholstery looking clean and refreshed. If deep cleaning is needed our steam cleaning system removes up to 90% of dirt and bacteria from your office carpet. In an emergency we can use dry cleaning methods to make sure your carpets are ready to be walked over instantly Upholstery and curtains can also be deep cleaned with special leather care products used for your leather seating

UV sanitising.

It has been known for years that UV light can be effective in sanitising sensitive, frequently touched areas. We can use UV sanitising for computers, electrical equipment and other items that should not have water or chemicals used to clean them.

contract cleaning for offices cleaner mopping entrance to office block

Mopping and floor care for all hard-surface floors

We take care of all hard floor surfaces. Whether they are tiles, wood or polished concrete we take care to use the right cleaning products and the right techniques to suit. We adhere to all health and safety recommended signage and screening to protect people from the danger of slippery wet floors

Is it more effective to hire office cleaning services?

Yes, it is definitely more effective to hire office cleaning services. CIE has the professional staff and the specialist skills and equipment to actually save you money. If until now you have been using your own resources for office cleaning you probably realise how much time and money it takes to keep office cleaning standards high.

Believe it or not, we can most likely clean to a higher standard in less time and for less financial outlay than you ever thought possible. Some of our clients have seen their cleaning costs reduced by as much as 25%.

Let`s take a look at another three positives you can expect from taking on professional office cleaning services.

A Great First Impression:

One of the top advantages of hiring an expert cleaning service for your office is that it will ensure that you give a decent first impression to any customers or partners who enter your office. Your clients will quickly realise that maintaining high standards is a priority for your company. This inspires confidence in the products or services you offer.

Make Your Team More Productive:

Everyone agrees that a clean office is a much more agreeable place to work in. It shows that as a business, you care about your workforce and the conditions they work in. Working in a cluttered and dirty office can be quite stressful and is not an atmosphere that promotes productive working. On the other hand, a clean and fresh office is less stressful and much more likely to improve the productivity of your workforce

Lower rates of staff sickness and absence:

We do not just clean your offices. We sanitise and disinfect them too. Helping to keep bacteria and viral infections at bay with deep cleaning techniques pays dividends when your workforce does not need to take time off due to infections transmitted in the workplace.

Why Us?

CIE is a market leader when it comes to providing premium commercial cleaning services. Contract with us and you get:

  1. Highly trained cleaning staff with uniforms and formal ID. Background checked and fully vetted by us with a supervisory and support system that monitors and maintains high standards of work performance at all times.
  2. A flexible commercial cleaning contractor that will take the time to clearly understand what you need and produce a workable plan that meets your needs in the most cost effective way.
  3. Simple and honest customer support. Our clients come first. If things go wrong we put them right straight away. We assign a cleaning supervisor to become your dedicated point of contact. We understand that a quick response means everything when it comes to the care of a residential business.
  4. Emphasis on using cleaning products and systems that are less harmful to the environment and to human health.

Contact CIE to Discuss Your Contract Cleaning for Offices Requirements

For reliable and professional office cleaning services that reach the highest standards the first time, every time, please get in touch for a chat with a CIE cleaning expert. Let`s start to design an office cleaning plan that works for you. An initial discussion and a quote for our services will cost you nothing but may well save you a lot.

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