CIE Daily Commercial Cleaning Services

Here at CIE, we operate commercial cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Scheduling cleaning operations to fit with your business timetable is not a problem. Some companies we work with prefer discrete nighttime cleaning that does not interfere with daytime business activities. Others find early morning or daytime cleaning more suitable. Whatever best suits your business can be incorporated into an agreed cleaning schedule.

We make sure that your workplace is hygienic and sparkling and that it creates the right impression for staff and visitors alike. Clean premises are the trademark of a company that has high regard for the safety and welfare of people coming into the premises for any reason. 

How you would prefer to use our services is completely up to you. We can provide options and pricing for, weekly and monthly cleaning services as well as daily

1. Commercial Cleaning Services External Areas

Keeping the approach to your premises clean and tidy is another important aspect of creating the right impression. It also makes sure that no health or safety issues arise as a result of litter and debris accumulating. We can send in our teams of experienced cleaners to restore and then keep immaculate standards of cleanliness to the exterior of your building as often as you need.

Our commercial cleaning services for external areas include:

  • Litter picking, emptying of litter bins and general refuse disposal
  • Sweeping and pressure washing of paths, patios and seating areas
  • Cleaning and washing exterior glass surfaces, windows, solar panels and business signage
  • Cleaning of gutters, drainage channels and any other sections that require free-flow and drainage of water
  • We are also more than happy to quote for light maintenance issues as they occur if required

2. Commercial Cleaning Services Communal Areas

Any areas that are used by visitors, members of the public or people simply passing through need to be immaculately clean to create a lasting impression. Lobbies, reception areas,  elevators and access corridors all require regular cleaning. We can tailor a selection of contract cleaning services from a huge menu of cleaning options according to your needs.

Available cleaning services for communal areas include:

  • Glass cleaning
  • Carpet care and hoovering
  • Cleaning dusting and Covid-safe disinfecting of all surface areas
  • Mopping, steam cleaning and polishing of hard flooring, wood floors and tiled areas
  • Upholstery and leather cleaning and care.
  • In-situ steam cleaning for rugs, curtains and soft furnishings
  • Polishing and waxing wood finishes, desks and panelling

3. Commercial Cleaning Services Toilets and Wash Rooms

Of course, toilets and washrooms should always be clean and hygienic areas. But have you ever walked into public toilets and noticed the huge difference between reasonably clean and exceptionally clean? 

Here at CIE, we make sure that your toilets and washing facilities fall into the exceptionally clean category. Our toilet and washroom cleaning services will ensure that your facilities are exceptionally clean and hygienic, look good and smell great too.

Our cleaning services for toilets and washing facilities include:

  • Arranging and scheduling periodic cleaning and keeping records 
  • Maintenance of health and safety compliant hygiene supply storage facilities. 
  • General supply management – ordering, restocking
  • Providing a point of contact for requesting unscheduled cleaning during periods of high use or in times of emergency

4. Deep Cleaning Food Preparation Areas and Kitchens

Our daily kitchen cleaning services take care of the start or the end of day cleaning requirements for your kitchen. Our cleaning teams can come in and return your kitchen to its sparkling and hygienic best after even the most hectic day of food preparation and cooking. 

We effectively offer a cleaning reset in preparation for the next day. We are completely flexible about timing and will draw up a schedule that works for you. We can send in night-time teams at the end of the day or early morning if that is more convenient.

As well as our daily cleaning services, we are often asked to carry out the weekly deep clean that should be part of any cleaning schedule for a commercial kitchen. This means that your appliances and equipment undergo a rigorous and detailed cleaning process.

Scheduled for when a kitchen is closed, our weekly deep clean would include:

  • Cleaning and sanitising fridges with a food-safe antibacterial cleaning product. Sweeping and mopping walk-in fridges
  • Cleaning, sanitising and descaling hot beverage machines like kettles and coffee makers.
  • Cleaning and degreasing fryers and ovens.
  • Moving kitchen appliances and cleaning around and under them
  • Cleaning all of those hard to reach areas that may not necessarily get much attention during the daily cleaning schedule
  • Cleaning, sanitising and descaling dishwashers and glass cleaning appliances.
  • Managing kitchen hygiene supplies and restocking.