Solar Panel Cleaning

CIE provides professional Commercial Cleaning Contractor and Janitorial services throughout the UK and right across Europe. We are a leading commercial cleaning contractor with the structure, experience, and trained, dedicated personnel to undertake commercial cleaning for businesses large and small. Here we focus on our Solar Panel Cleaning Services.

We provide a number of specialist cleaning services for tasks that are complex or difficult enough, that it’s a good idea to call in the professionals. Our PV panel cleaning service in Europe is available for:

Why you Need Solar Panel Cleaning

As the technology improves and the demand for cleaner, greener energy increases, more and more companies are opting for solar panel installations mounted on business premises to reduce energy costs and meet new environmental impact targets set by governments across Europe.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, solar installations will not work as efficiently as they could. Some studies suggest that dirty solar panels can reduce energy production by as much as 25%.

We often come across the idea that solar panels will be washed clean by the next heavy rainstorm. This is a mistake that may be costly in terms of performance. Solar panels by their very nature are mounted in exposed locations. Bird droppings, airborne residue from trees and of course contamination from pollution all affect performance. Unfortunately, these are sticky and not likely to be washed off well enough by the rain.

Google had their experimental solar panel array professionally cleaned after 15 months in operation. The news from Google after the clean was “The energy output doubled overnight”.Don’t be like Google and wait that long. Have your solar panels cleaned and inspected regularly!

We offer:

CiE Provide the Solution for Dirty and Underperforming Solar Panels

solar panel cleaning
Cleaning of solar panels

Cleaning photovoltaic panels is specialist task best left to the professionals. Most often they are mounted in high, precarious positions. This is a health and safety issue and proper preparation that takes into account necessary safety precautions is essential.

Solar Panels also require special treatment to make sure they are not scratched, damaged or contaminated by cleaning residue and the cleaning process. Sending someone to scramble up with a bucket of detergent and a scrubbing cloth is not recommended.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Solar Panel Cleaning

Tailoring a PV Panel cleaning service to meet your specific needs and your budget is not a problem. We advise that for larger solar arrays, monthly or even weekly cleaning will pay productivity dividends that will far outweigh costs.

Whether you prefer frequent solar panel cleaning, or you are happy to settle for a monthly or even quarterly service, we can adapt a photovoltaic panel cleaning service to suit. Commercial cleaning of solar panels in Europe is what we do.

Use the contact details available on our contact page to call us up and have a chat or fill in the quick contact form and let us know what you need. Our solar panel cleaning service can definitely help you to maximise the returns on your investment.