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Industrial Cleaning: Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Industrial Premises, Apartment Blocks, Hotel and Leisure Facilities, Shops, Government Buildings, Hospitals and Care Homes

Whether you need professional office cleaning services in London, industrial cleaning for a warehouse or factory in Manchester, or post-construction cleaning in Liverpool, CIE is an industry leading contractor for exceptional commercial cleaning and janitorial services right across the UK.

If cleaning your workplace to a high standard is draining your resources or you have been let down by sub-standard cleaning contractors, it’s time to call in the professionals. You need an honest, consistent and reliable commercial cleaning contractor like CIE with the experience and the resources to take full charge of your cleaning requirements.

Read more about our contract cleaning and janitorial services in the United Kingdom further down this page. If you like what you read we invite you to click on the request a quote button below. One of our team will get back to you to find out what you need and how we can help. Initial discussions and a quote for our services will cost you nothing but could save you a lot.

Our cleaning teams are carefully recruited, background checked, highly trained, and supplied with the very best products and technology available

Read More About Some of Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Specialist Cleaning Services in the UK

UK Covid Safe Cleaning

Our daily preventative deep cleaning service takes care of the responsibility of maintaining coronavirus cleaning and disinfection protocols. CIE staff are properly trained to provide covid-safe deep cleaning in any commercial environment to minimise the risk of workplace covid transmission.
We offer emergency covid deep cleaning and disinfection if an outbreak occurs in your workplace.
CIE uses industry leading products and procedures. We have the equipment and the resources to clean and disinfect large areas using deep cleaning techniques like fog, mist, vapour or ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting

UK Green Cleaning Services

The CIE green commercial cleaning service uses cleaning methods and chemicals that are safer for the environment, the workplace and better for health.
EU regulations state that 50% of all cleaning products used per year must be environmentally certified by the EU Ecolabel or another EN ISO 14024 type I ecolabel
Our specialist green cleaning teams are trained in the use of green cleaning methods and equipment. The green cleaning products we use in Germany have been independently certified to EU Ecolabel Standards. This means that your business is increasing its contribution to a sustainable environment

UK Solar Panel Cleaning

If you have invested in solar panels to cut energy costs, you need them operating at maximum efficiency. Regular cleaning improves energy production by up to 25%
Our solar panel cleaning service uses purified water and specialist cleaning products to keep your PV panels free from sticky pollutants and grime without the risk of damaging them or leaving cleaning residue.
We carry out the appropriate health and safety risk assessments and provide the safety access equipment.

How CIE Commercial Cleaning Services in the United Kingdom Can Benefit Your Business

  • Business Reputation: Whether you are a small, medium, or a large business operating from single site or multi site premises, maintaining clean, hygienic and highly disinfected workplace will pays dividends for your business. Not only does it reduce the level of bacterial and viral infections that result in staff absences, a clean environment is a much happier and more pleasant place to work in and to visit as a customer. A clean and hygienic workplace demonstrates that you care about your staff, customers and visitors and take steps to look after them.
  • Save on Costs: Taking on a contract cleaning service often presents another unexpected benefit. Handing the responsibility for keeping your premises immaculately clean to a commercial cleaning contractor can actually save on cleaning costs. Many of our clients have reduced costs by up to 25% simply by calling in the experts at CIE. Added to that, a dramatic reduction in absence due to illness will also improve your business bottom lines and have a positive affect on overall productivity.
  • Free up your resources: When you finally relieve your business of the responsibility for cleaning you will quickly appreciate just how much admin time and staffing resources went into it. These resources are much better deployed on the important job of keeping other aspects of your business running smoothly
Office Janitorial Cleaning in UK

Our office cleaning services make sure that your offices are spotless, hygienic and productive working environments

Factory Cleaning in UK

We provide specialist factory cleaning for food production facilities, chemical plants and all other types of factory

Warehouse Cleaning in UK

Keep your warehouse, clean, tidy and safe with our professional warehouse cleaning services, Flexible schedules to suit yoiur business

UK Apartment Block Cleaning

Cleaning services for apartments. Sensitive to your cleaning requirements without disturbing your residents. High-rise a specialty

CIE Industrial Cleaning in the United Kingdom

Our Services

Our industrial cleaning services in the United Kingdom work across all sectors. Whatever the size or complexity of the cleaning task, we have the resources and the skilled teams to tackle it.

CIE Customer-Focused Contract Cleaning in the United Kingdom

CIE is a full-service cleaning contractor offering the complete range of cleaning and janitorial services anywhere in the UK. We realise that individual businesses are unique, business premises vary widely and that cleaning budgets come in different sizes. We have the experienced and trained workforce, first-rate cleaning products, and the specialist equipment and resources to take on any cleaning task large or small.

We take a flexible and customer-focused approach and offer a menu of services. You can pick what you need and we can then tailor a bespoke contract cleaning service that is cost-effective and relevant to your business.

Whether you need intense daily cleaning, weekly deep cleaning, a constant janitorial presence within your premises or even a single emergency cleaning response after an accident or an adverse weather event, we would be happy to offer our services so please feel free to get in touch.

Contact CIE for Commercial Contract Cleaning in the United Kingdom

If you would like a free consultation with our cleaning experts please feel free to get in touch and let us know about any special cleaning or janitorial services you may need. We’ll be happy to come on board and work with you to provide the perfect cleaning solutions. Come and join our ever-expanding group of customers that use CIE contract cleaning services in the United Kingdom