CIE Contract Cleaning for Gyms and Sports Facilities

The Problem

CIE contract cleaning for gyms and sports facilities takes the stress and strain of keeping these busy facilities clean and hygienic. Keeping sports and fitness facilities spotlessly clean and sanitised to the required standards can be a problem. Especially in the case of a gym where for example, there are difficult items to clean like multiple exercise machines and weight training rooms.

On top of that, there are also changing rooms, lockers, toilets and showers that all need to be kept immaculately clean and free from harmful bacteria. The cleaning demands of sports facilities are relentless and time-consuming.

Even more so now that lessons learned from the Covid 19 pandemic have placed some extra demands on cleaning for gyms and sports facilities in order to help prevent the spread of infection. We all know that thorough cleaning has always been important, but these days tighter regulations are being enforced rigorously as the world tries to rid itself of Covid 19.

The Solution

If you are finding that self-managing your cleaning and sanitation is taking up far too much time and resources meaning that your profit margins are constantly taking a hit, you might want to consider taking on some professional contract cleaning services for sports facilities.

CIE is a leading contract cleaning services provider working across Europe and throughout the UK to bring about a revolution in applying the latest technology, cleaning methods and expert cleaning teams to the problem of cleaning efficiently and yet achieve higher standards. Working out of local offices in towns and cities we provide contract cleaning for sports facilities in Europe and the UK.

Higher Cleaning Standards at Lower Cost

If you have always thought that contract cleaning for sports facilities would be too expensive, you will be pleased to know that in most cases, taking on expert commercial cleaning services is up to 25% cheaper than running your own cleaning teams.

Not only cheaper but more efficient too! Your facilities get cleaned to a higher standard, more efficiently and for less financial outlay. What could possibly be a better outcome than that?

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Specialist Contract Cleaning for Gyms and Sports Facilities

So have we got your attention?

If better and more efficient cleaning at lower cost plus making your life easier by shifting the responsibility across to tan expert cleaning contractor appeals to you, then you probably want to know how we can be so confident.

We take a 3 step approach to deliver the highest quality cleaning service for your sporting facilities:

1. Using the latest cleaning technologies:

For more efficient cleaning to higher standards, we are always prepared to assist our workforce by making the capital investment into the latest cleaning technologies.

using electrostatic fog cleaning when contract cleaning for gyms and sports facilities
Electrostatic Spray Cleaning

2. Investing in our Staff:

We always take account of the fact that our cleaning teams are the public face of our business. We put a lot of emphasis on recruiting the right people and providing all of the training, support and supervision needed to ensure that they do a first-rate job for our clients.

When we assign cleaners to your contract they will all have been thoroughly background checked, with references taken up and confirmed. All of our cleaners receive appropriate levels of training for the tasks they are assigned. Teams work under a cleaning supervisor who becomes your first point of contact and will report to you regularly.

3. Taking the Client Centred Approach

Our approach is always to make sure that we understand exactly what you need to achieve when you decide to contract out the cleaning for gyms and sports facilities. Our cleaning experts can audit your cleaning requirements and work with you to design a cleaning plan and schedule that works for you and keeps your gym and sports facility immaculately clean and disinfected.

Whether you need a one-off or periodic deep cleaning service, duty cleaning teams on a daily basis or permanent onsite cleaners, as an established international cleaning contractor, CIE has the resources to meet your requirements.

Our Contract Cleaning Services

Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

We understand that you are placing a huge amount of trust in our service and that your business reputation is on the line alongside ours.

We always go the extra mile to deliver quality service and value for money. Our expert staff uses best practices and tight regulatory compliance to provide the ultimate cleaning service for your facility. We make sure that you are kept constantly up to date through verbal and written reporting. You will always know what we are doing, when and why.

Expert Contract Cleaning for Gyms and Sports Facilities

If you are interested in finding out how an experienced and reliable contract cleaning company can benefit you why not click the request a quote button below for an informal discussion? Contract with us for cleaning services built around infection control, prevention, and risk reduction. We use environmentally friendly products and procedures alongside the very latest technology to deliver exceptional results for your facilities.

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