CIE is an international contract cleaning company that is making some serious inroads into commercial cleaning in Europe and across the UK. Here we are focusing on our specialist commercial contract kitchen cleaning services.

commercial kitchen floor cleaning

Working out of local offices in towns and cities across Europe, we undertake kitchen deep cleaning at your convenience. Working day or night to suit your operational needs we can provide occasional or regular kitchen cleaning services that go above and beyond your standard kitchen cleaning routines. Attention to food safety and hygiene is a worthwhile investment that keeps the potential for issues that could cause irreparable damage to a business or brand at bay.

Our highly trained kitchen cleaning teams are equipped with the very latest in technology and proprietary cleaning products to bring a commercial kitchen back to its high-functioning and hygienic best with the absolute minimum of fuss and disruption.

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Why employ a contract kitchen cleaning company?

The Problem

With the best will in the world, a commercial kitchen consistently fights every attempt to keep it clean and hygienic. With every pan placed on a hob, the cooking process sends grease and cooking residue into the air only to stick to floors, walls, equipment and kitchen ventilation systems. Slowly bringing down the efficiency of a kitchen and providing a breeding ground for bacteria, it is important that businesses fight the onset of kitchen grime thoroughly and regularly.

Imagine the damage that an outbreak of food poisoning can cause to the reputation and brand health of a restaurant or hotel. And then add in the potential for regulatory issues, fines and enforced closures and it is easy to see how something that should be relatively easy to prevent can escalate.

The benefits of contract kitchen cleaning

1. Cost Savings: Many businesses fail to investigate the benefits of taking on kitchen cleaning contractors thinking that the in-house approach is the cheapest option. But on investigation, we have found that our services actually reduce costs by as much as 25% in some cases.

Some typical expenses that you can save by calling in the experts are:

Here at CIE we can provide the complete kitchen deep cleaning package that can actually help you save time and money. Our expert cleaning teams can come in any time of the day or night. They will be fully equipped with the cleaning products, the cleaning technology and the know-how to get your kitchen cleaning done to a higher standard and in less time.

2. Working to your schedule: We understand that the more time a restaurant or hotel kitchen is open and working, the more revenue it can generate, That is why our contract cleaning services are tailored to your business. Working with you, we put a kitchen cleaning plan and a work schedule in place that keeps your kitchen open for business during the essential hours.

Whether you opt for periodic, intensive kitchen cleaning, a daily or weekly kitchen clean-up service or even one-off full kitchen blitz, at CIE we can offer you some of the best rates in Europe. And for businesses with multiple site operations, we are open to negotiation with some serious discounts available for large contracts.

Cleaning undertaken at any time of day or night, to suit your operation.

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CIE contract kitchen cleaning services

Whether you need kitchen cleaning for hotels in Germany, a restaurant on the Costa del Sol or a health care home in the UK, we offer a full range of kitchen cleaning and sanitising services to keep your kitchen running at maximum efficiency and ensure you are fully compliant with local hygiene regulations.

Think of these services as a menu. You can align your costs and the services you choose according to your operational priorities and available budget. Whether you opt for a full or part kitchen clean or simply need professional care for your appliances and extraction systems, we can tailor a bespoke service to suit.

Take a look at the main specialist kitchen contract cleaning services we offer:

1. Intensive Floor Cleaning

This is our floor cleaning service that reaches the parts of your kitchen that regular daily cleaning might miss. We use hot steam cleaning technology that removes the ingrained grease and residue that mopping leaves behind. And when we say intense, we mean that your units, appliances and anything else in the way is moved out and all of those dark corners and awkward to reach areas are attended to.

2. Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Your kitchen canopies are important aspects of the kitchen ventilation and extraction system Helping to marshal steam and airborne grease towards the extraction systems, the canopy itself will often become coated. A deep clean that removes all of the sticky residue will help to make sure your kitchen canopies continue to work effectively.

3. Filtration Systems Cleaning

Your extractor system relies on the filter to protect moving parts and continue safe operation. We remove your filters and clean them thoroughly to remove the grime, dust, grease and residue that accumulates over time. This helps to make sure that your filtration system operates efficiently and reduces the chance of breakdowns resulting in expensive call-out charges.

4. Extractor Fan Cleaning

Our expert cleaners go beyond the external cover of your extraction fan for a full clean of the moving parts. The importance of being able to remove smoke, fumes and odours cannot be overstated. The primary reason is that the kitchen remains a safe and healthy place to work; allowing staff to remain free from the effects of fumes, airborne particles and potential fire hazards. Our extractor fan cleaning service keeps your fans working well and saves on costly maintenance.

5. Appliance Cleaning

Whatever the appliance, our kitchen cleaners are equipped to bring it back to immaculate standards of cleanliness. If you need a deep clean for your ovens, fridges, freezers or perhaps your deep fryers need that all-important cleanse and de-grease, CIE cleaning services are more than up to the task of restoring your appliances to their gleaming and hygienic best.

Additional cleaning services

If you are interested in our kitchen cleaning services or you can imagine a task not listed here that needs a cleaning team we are happy to give you an assessment and a free cleaning quote. We will take on:

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