CIE Contract Cleaning for Shops and Retail Centres

CIE Cleaning Services for Shops

CIE provides expert professional contract cleaning for shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and shopping malls throughout the UK and right across Europe. If you have decided to call in professional cleaners to take care of your store cleaning in Europe or the UK, our dedicated cleaning teams come equipped with the experience, the latest technology and proprietary cleaning products to produce the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

No Contract Needed Services

CIE can offer completely flexible terms for our commercial and retail cleaning services. If you thought that bringing your shop back to its gleaming best would tie you to a long contract, we can tell you that with CIE this doesn’t have to be the case. We offer:

No contracts to sign and no long term commitments

Contract Cleaning for Shops

Contract cleaning for shops and shopping centres

So, on the other hand, we are also able to offer regular and reliable contract cleaning for shops services. We work with your schedule and your available budget. If you need top-notch cleaners on a regular basis, we offer tailored shop cleaning services designed to fit around your requirements:

Our flexible cleaning contracts are available to all types and sizes of retail businesses. Whether you are a facility manager at a shopping centre, a supermarket manager or a corner grocery store owner, CIE can provide regular and reliable retail cleaning services to meet your requirements. Shop cleaning in Europe has never been better.

Our experience and expertise translates across any retail environment to sanitise and disinfect your retail store.

Our Retail Cleaning Services

  • Floor cleaning and maintenance:
  • Interior glass cleaning
  • Covid safe deep cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising
  • Oven and bakery cleaning
  • High reach cleaning for air ducts and light fittings
  • Food processing equipment cleaning and sanitising
  • Rest room and toilet cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning litter picking and window cleaning

How We Do It

  • Quality building inspection plan
  • Detailed cleaning plan
  • Written task schedule and specification list
  • Daily contact with supervisory staff
  • Continued on-site training for cleaning staff
  • Highest level of safety and security
  • Scheduling options to fit your needs
  • Best-of-class products and equipment
  • Local offices near you backed by national resources
  • Specialised cleaning technology



CIE is a market leader when it comes to providing premium retail cleaning services. Contract with us and you get:

  1. Highly trained shop cleaning staff with uniforms and formal ID. Background checked and fully vetted by us with a supervisory and support system that monitors and maintains high standards of work performance at all times. Contracting with CIE removes the need for your business to run costly recruitment campaigns and staff training programmes. We take care of all of that for you. Our cleaners are fully vetted and background checked with supplied uniforms and ID badges.
  2. A flexible commercial retail cleaning contractor that will take the time to clearly understand what you need and produce a workable plan that meets your needs in the most cost effective way. Get the services you need and discard those that you don’t need. Nothing could be easier
  3. Simple and honest customer support. Our clients come first. If things go wrong we put them right straight away. A cleaning supervisor to becomes your dedicated point of contact. We understand that a quick response means everything when it comes to a retail business. Our reports keep you regularly updated on what we are doing and how we are doing it
  4. We put the emphasis on using cleaning products and systems that are less harmful to the environment and to human health. Our green cleaning services help you to meet the regulations designed to limit use of products harmful to the environment and promote the good health of your staff with a toxin-free workplace.



    We can schedule our cleaning services at a time and frequency that works best for the needs of your shop. Providing you with exceptional cleaning standards without interrupting your work flow or causing a disturbance


    Outsourcing your cleaning services can help streamline your expenses and reduce cleaning time by about 25% while ensuring a spotless, disinfected environment.


    Our cleaning experts are thoroughly trained and use proprietary cleaning and disinfecting systems that dramatically decrease dust and bacteria, among other compounds.


    A clean and hygienic workspace decreases employee sick days and protects your customers from harmful germs and bacteria.